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City of Hoboken

94 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030, US


Request for Exemption from Hoboken Plastic Bag Ban

Hoboken City Code Chapter 148 Plastic Bags

§ 148-6 Exempt customers.

A. All retail establishments must provide at the point of sale, free of charge, compliant bags, at the retail establishment operator's option, to any customer who participates in, or is a beneficiary of, any United States government federal welfare program, or any local or Hudson County welfare assistance program, or any New Jersey State welfare program, including but not limited to the New Jersey Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) or the New Jersey State Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI).

B. The Mayor or his/her designee may approve, with the concurrence of the City Council Environment Subcommittee, a request for an exemption from the requirements of this chapter by any operator of a retail establishment, with or without conditions. If the Subcommittee withholds or denies concurrence on an exemption, the Mayor may seek concurrence from the City Council as a whole, but concurrence from the Subcommittee or the Council is required for the granting of an exemption.

C. Exemption decisions are effective upon approval and are final, and they are not appealable, except otherwise provided for by law.

D. The City of Hoboken establishes a fee for exemption requests of $100.

Business Address

    The fee for requesting an exemption from Chapter 148 Plastic Bags is $100. Please provide the fee via check made payable to "City of Hoboken" addressed to:

    94 Washington Street

    Hoboken, NJ 07030

    Attn: Department of Environmental Services

    Exemptions will not be granted until receipt of the required fee.