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City of Hoboken

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New Water Service Application Process

1. Obtain and complete an application for new domestic and fire service. Available from Suez or City of Hoboken Engineering Division, 94 Washington Street, Hoboken and on the City’s website ( Application fee is $50 per EDU (see chart on page 2 to determine EDUs) for service sizes larger than 2 inches. Application and fees may only be submitted to City of Hoboken. Fees are payable by check or money order only at this time. Credit cards may be added in the future.

2. The City will forward a copy of the application to Suez and Suez will advise the City of the size main to be tapped. If hydrant flow tests are required, Suez will perform the tests and provide the results to the City. Cost for flow test to be paid to City of Hoboken.

3. City of Hoboken will review the application and any flow tests provided and determine whether the requested flow rate can be accommodated.

If the new service is not approved:
4. If the requested flow rate cannot be accommodated, the City will advise the applicant who may elect to revise and resubmit their application to reduce the requested flow rate or propose improvements to the water system to accommodate the original flow rate. No new application fee shall be required; however, additional fees for flow tests may apply.

If the new service is approved:
4. If the flow rate can be accommodated, the City will advise the applicant and the applicant will pay the required connection fee (which includes the cost for the new water meter) and tapping fee(s) (based on size of main to be tapped). See connection and tapping fees on the following page.

5. The City issues a receipt for payment of connection fee, tapping fees and new meter purchase to the applicant along with a meter permit application. The applicant may then have their licensed plumber schedule with Suez for installation and tapping for the new service line.(1) A copy of the receipt will be sent by the City directly to Suez for verification of payment.

6. Once the tap is completed by Suez, the applicant must present their completed meter permit(2) in order to pick up the new meter from Suez. Pick-up location is:

Suez Meter Shop 25 Troy Street
Jersey City, NJ 07307
Suez will then update their inventory and create the new account.

7. Applicant’s plumber installs the new meter, which must be inspected by Suez before it can be put into service.

Please contact City of Hoboken Water Utility at (201) 420-2000, x4010 if you have any questions regarding the application process. To coordinate service installation inspections, call Suez at (800) 422-0141.

(1) A permit from the City of Hoboken Engineering Division is required to open the street or sidewalk for water service installation. An application may be obtained from the City of Hoboken website ( or by email to
(2) Meter permit must be signed by the Plumbing Subcode official when backflow prevention is required.
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