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City of Hoboken

94 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030, US


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Please read ALL of the information in this application CAREFULLY! By signing this application, you affirm that the information you provide in this application is true and accurate. Any missing information will delay the processing of your application and the issuance of your ID Card. If you have ANY questions, you must ask them PRIOR to submitting this application.

1. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this I.D. Card.
2. You must be employed by a licensed Liquor establishment in the City of Hoboken in order to apply.
3. You must submit two (2) separate and distinct forms of identification.
4. All portions of this application must be read and completed, then presented with the appropriate fee.
5. You will be fingerprinted as part of this application process.
6. A criminal history investigation will be conducted to determine your eligibility.
7. Your I.D. Card must be picked up at Police Headquarters, within ten (10) Business Days after you have been fingerprinted.
8. If your primary function is the serving of alcoholic beverages or the performance of security duties, you shall conspicuously wear the presentation side
of the identification card while in the exercise of your duties on the licensed premises. All other bar cardholders shall have their identification card physically located on the licensed premises so that it can be submitted upon demand during business hours.
9. You will be required to attach  Digital Photograph to the application. Requirements: a color photo taken in last 6 months. Use a clear image of your face. Use a plain white or off white-background. Please see example:

Please check that you agree before continuing.
I acknowledge that I am authorized to complete this form, and am not acting on behalf of a third party.
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Digital Photograph-Submit a color photo taken in last 6 months. Use a clear image of your face. Use a plain white or off white-background. Click Here to Upload
ID Form #1-Examples includes Driver's License, Passport, School Identification, Birth Certificate, Health Insurance identification card. Click Here to Upload
ID Form #2-Please submit another identification from the previous list, that was not already provided for ID Form #1. Click Here to Upload