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Hoboken Friends of the Park Volunteer Interest Form

What are Friends of the Park groups?

These community organizations will gather people together who love a specific park to care for that park. Friends groups will build stewardship and philanthropy to improve our shared public places.

The City currently has two groups: Friends of Church Square Park, and Friends of Elysian Park. Additional Friends of the Parks groups may be established in future years. 

By becoming a Friend of your favorite park, you will help to shape Hoboken parks for generations to come. Please indicate your interest in joining or leading a Friends group through the form below.

Let's Get to Know You

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Love Your Park!

Is a Friends of the Park group right for you?

We are seeking active and dedicated volunteers. The volunteer commitment will be flexible, but we kindly ask that you volunteer only if your time permits. 

While you can join more than one Friends group, we encourage you to join just one for your favorite park, and give it your all!

Unable to volunteer your time? No sweat! Follow @Hoboken on Facebook, @CityofHoboken on Twitter, and for updates. 

Which Friends of the Park group are you interested in joining? [Note: The Friends of Church Square Park and Friends of Elysian Park are a

How much time (approximately) are you interested in volunteering for a Friends of the Park group?

Take It to the Next Level

Each Friends group will be led by one or more volunteers. While leaders will be equal to all other members of the Friends group, it is expected that leaders will dedicate a greater amount of volunteer time, organize meetings and/or events, and coordinate directly with the City of Hoboken Department of Environmental Services. 

Please consider me as a potential leader for a Friends of the Park Group

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