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Hudson River Rebuild by Design (HR-RBD) - Citizen Advisory Group (CAG) Application

Applications due by 5:00pm on 1/31/18

Contact Information

Demographic Information (Optional)

An important component of the RBD process and what will make the CAG a success is including a diverse range of individuals that reflect the community where the project is located. Please consider disclosing your date of birth, race/ethnicity, primary language spoken, and gender, all of which are optional.



Special Skills or Qualifications

Previous Volunteer Experience

Previous Work Experience

Commitment Guidelines

Conflicts of Interest

Consideration for Co-Chair

The CAG will be led by at least two co-chairs. While co-chairs will be equal to all other members of the Group, it is expected that the co-chairs will lead CAG meetings, advise the City of Hoboken and NJDEP on agenda items, help schedule meetings, and serve as a primary point of contact for the CAG. Please note that the co-chair position will require a more substantial time commitment.

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