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City of Hoboken

94 Washington St Hoboken, NJ 07030

201-420-2000 x 4004

Street Tree Planting Program Tree Request

Plant a tree in front of your house or condo and help the Hoboken Shade Tree Commission reach our goal of 4,000 healthy street trees by 2020. If you are a Hoboken property owner or a property manager, you can have a tree planted by completing this online application and consent form.

A suggested donation of $100.00 and your pledge to care for and water your tree will place your application on our first-come, first-serve tree planting list. This list is subject to available budget and not every applicant is guaranteed a tree.

Eligibility & Conditions:

• Requests can be made for existing empty tree pits as well as paved sidewalk locations.

• Must be a home owner or property manager

• If there is a tree stump in existing tree pit, property owners and/or management will be responsible for stump removal.

• No tree pit — we will open a pit for you for an additional donation of $75.00

• Agree to have undersized tree pits ( 3’ x 5’ ) enlarged, for an additional $50.00.

• Private property such as backyards will not be considered.

• Only sidewalk locations will be considered.

Each location is inspected by a Hoboken Shade Tree Commissioner. If your site is suitable for planting, you will be contacted and provided payment instructions.

Trees are planted in the spring/summer ( March 1 to June 31) and autumn/winter ( October 1 to December 31). Tree species is determined by the Hoboken Shade Tree Commission and is subject to available nursery stock, cost and site conditions.

Full Name

What is the address of the property where you're requesting a tree(s)?

Do you own or manage the property?

Would you like the tree(s) planted in an existing tree pit(s), or a newly opened pit(s)?

Existing Tree Pit Information

Is there a dead tree or stump in the pit?

If my existing tree well is considered undersized, I consent to its enlargement.

Tree Planting Consent and Care Agreement

After receiving your submittal, The Shade Tree Commission will inspect your sidewalk for conflicts with surrounding infrastructure to ensure the location is suitable for a tree to grow and thrive. If a new tree pit needs to be opened, or an existing pit enlarged, the location of the new or enlarged pit will be marked on your sidewalk. If your site is approved for a tree, we'll request a $100 donation toward the cost of your new tree. In addition, the cost to enlarge an existing tree pit is $50 and the cost to create a new tree pit is $75.

Please do not make your donation until after your site is approved.

I hereby request and consent to the opening and/or enlargement of a tree well(s) in the sidewalk beside my property, (if required) and the planting of a tree(s) in that well(s). I promise to care for and water the tree(s), and understand it may not be pruned or removed without approval from the Hoboken Department of Environmental Services.

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